Autor: fmrieger

Relativistic Astrophysics

HEPRO 2023

Together with colleagues, I am involved in the organisation of the 2023 Paris conference on High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows.

CDY Initiative

I am supporting the ‚Extreme Non-thermal Universe‘ CDY initiative that explores the Physics and Astrophysics of Very High Energy Sources in the Cosmos.

Heidelberg Gamma2022 Symposium in Barcelona

I have been much looking forward to the Heidelberg Gamma2022 Symposium in Barcelona.

Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days

Together with Christoph Pfrommer I have been lecturing at this years Physics Graduate Days.

Astrophysics in Context

See my comments on progress in cosmic-ray physics in the April 2021 QuantaMagazine Article.

Astronomy Winter School 2021

Astronomy Winter School 2021 – a nice experience…

Meeting in times of Corona

The general Oct 2020 CTA meeting – progressing in gamma-ray astronomy despite Covid-19 challenges

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for Reinhard Genzel.

Breakthrough on Extragalactic Jets

Extragalactic Jets as Extreme Particle Accelerators

CTA Science

Discover CTA Science on youtube.